MoneySMS/McMoney New Ways To Make Income Passively

McMoney/MoneySMS - New Ways To Make Passive Income

Let it sit there on your phone, there is nothing to lose and watch the money coming grow. .


Length of Use

For MoneySMS the longer you use it the better your rates will get so you start at 0.02 Euro and the longer you leave it on your phone the more money you will make from the automatic SMS they send.

Refferal Codes

McMoney doesn't have a referral code for me to share but as soon as they do, I will be updating this section.
However, myy referral code for MoneySMS is 300757E17, get an instant 0.25 Euro Bonus for using it!

For only having both apps for 2 Days I earned a total of $0.80 (possibly a bit more)

MoneySMS pays 0.02 Euro per text and McMoney claims to pay $0.05 per text

MoneySMS and McMoney are different applications but do the same thing and running them both at once makes double the income. Basically you signup for these apps and forget about it, they automatically send you texts and you get paid for every single text, now the question remains... Are the texts spam? No. Are the texts questions you must answer? No. Are the texts ads? No. Can I delete the texts? Yes!
So what are the texts? Well, they're just a random string of characters with no meaning. So why do they want to send you these texts? According to McMoney they send these texts "in order to test the SMS reach of different telecom networks across the world.


Finally, let's get to the cashouts with MoneySMS the minimum is 2 Euro and you can cashout through(PayPal, WebMoney, OKPay, Skrill, Advcash, and Now Bitcoin)

McMoney is a minimum $5 cashout.
Both are PayPal and according to how often they send texts and they're rates you should be able to hit the minimum pretty quickly.

Update - 01/20/2018

I got paid from smsMoney so it is legit all you do keep it on your phone and they send you sms there is a slight increase in earnings the longer you have it not much but worth it for just sitting on your phone.

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