Make Money Selling Your Notes - Something Everyone Can Do!

How about earning money by selling your notes?

Once you have utilized your notes then they are useless and became a part of a trash so why not using it for getting money. There are many sites which are providing you a platform to sell your notes and generate money through it.
It would be highly preferable to have PDFs.

Before selling your notes keep these points in mind:

• Your notes should be presentable and in order.
• They must be well-defined and clear.
• Nothing should be ambiguous

Three basic features you need to follow for selling your notes online

• Upload your notes.
• Set your price.
You will get paid when any one will download your notes.
The sites STUVIA & NOTESALE allow you to list your notes. But will definitely take commission. Sites usually take 25% of selling commission.

The timespan of getting your money:

Maximum two weeks, within 14 days money would be transferred in your bank account.
Besides being a student it’s a good idea to keep making notes take good grades and then sell them out have reasonable pocket money.

Besides STUVIA & NOTESALE there are many other sites on which you can sell your notes:


This platform is open to cater college students not just for purchasing but also providing an opportunity to sell your notes. Besides having base price you will get the commission of your each notes sells.


This is another platform for uploading your notes. You may also suggest referring your friends too.
• After getting your document approved, your account will credit few bucks.
• On weekly bases you will be paid for each of your course.
• You will be directed to follow a certain template.


Note: Only your own notes are allowed to sell here. 
This platform is only for those who have prepared their notes by their own. Your own creativity and hard work required here. Notes made by your teacher or academy are not what this platform needed. So make your notes so effective and well-knitted that it must carry a weigh.
Put your best in it and get it upload to sell it out here.
Key points:
It will take 50 % of commission on each sell of your notes.
At the very outset of every month commission paid.
Through PayPal payment will be preceded.
Working in Australia, Britain, New Zealand and USA.

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