What is Fiverr and how it works

Fiverr is the leading online market place where anyone can get things at really cheap price of $5 only. Everything sells on Fiverr for 5$ only, so you do not need to bother with pricing your services on Fiverr. Fiverr started in early 2010, and became popular soon and millions of users started using Fiverr to sell or buy services. People use Fiverr for tons of different services, ranging from the regular like designing a logo to the relatively obscure like dog model photography. Yes Fiverr all this and much more, a very vast range of services under its umbrella. So if you have a idea to sell, Fiverr is the place to be. 
1. Create an account on Fiverr , this is absolutely free. 

2. List the service/product you want to sell. This listing is referred to as ‘Gig’, it contains all the details of what product or service you would like to offer, how will the buyer receive it, how many days will it take you to process a order and much more. 

3. Make your Gig live, and wait for your 1st order to come. 

4. Once you receive an order, you can communicate with the buyer, via Fiverr. If you want any clarification ask for the same from the buyer. Once this is done, you need to start processing the order. Get it completed and send it to the buyer. 

5.Once the buyer receives and approves his order, your order is marked as complete, and Fiverr will credit your payment into your account. 

6. 14 days after your order has been marked as complete, you can withdraw the funds from your Fiverr account, into your account. 
How you can make ($1200+) in a month from Fiverr
Step 1- Research 

So how did I manage to make that much money with Fiverr? Well first of all I spent time looking at what other people are having success with. 

How do you decide what you want to sell on Fiverr?? You might have a fabulous idea, but what if it doesn’t sell? You need to undertake adequate research to understand what the buyers are really looking for. 

This is the most important step to ensuring that you earn maximum money from Fiverr. Research will set you apart from those who just dive into Fiverr without any forethought and later rue that they can’t earn money on Fiverr. 
Let’s see how to conduct this research:
1. List down your skills and expertise–This is the first thing you need to do, if you want to rake in money from Fiverr, list all your skills and rate them on basis of expertise from 0 to 10. This will help you decide which service you can provide and it will also help you decide how competitive you can be in your niche. 

2. Find what is already popular on Fiverr– Pick up 2 of your strongest skills, and research them on Fiverr. 

*.Check which category they are listed under? 

*.Which are the most popular Gigs in these categories? How to decide which are popular gigs? Simple! Gigs which are getting maximum orders and the gigs which have lot of orders in queue. 

After this research you should have a good idea about what service you want to sell on Fiverr. Now let’s get on with implementing the finding of your research. 
Step 2: Implementation – 

1. Login your Fiverr Account and create your own Gig on Fiverr. 
Optimize your Gig Description– 
1. Short Gig Title Clear and concise titles perform better. It’s difficult to fully convey the value of your Gig in just a few words, so you might test out a couple variations to see which ones generate more interest. When in doubt between two words, use the Google Keyword Planner to see which one is searched more. 

2. Detailed Gig DescriptionThis is your opportunity to sell your services and let customers know why they should do business with you. If you’re getting a lot of questions asking for clarification or details, your description probably isn’t doing its job. Descriptions are limited to 1,200 characters so you have to be concise. Fiverr does allow you some freedom in formatting with font weight, larger font sizes, lists, and text highlighting. Take advantage of these features to enhanceyour description. 

3. Video and ImagesFiverr has released the statistic that Gigs with a video description sell 220% more than those without. Because of that, consider a video a requirement.If you don’t have a video, you should take advantage of all three image slots with high-resolution descriptive pictures of what you offer. Make sure the dimensions fit 682 x 459 pixels. 

4. Targeted ExtrasGig Extras are where Fiverr gets interesting. The more you level up, the more opportunity you have to add moreand higher cost Extras. You can changethese Extras and their pricing at any time, so there’s no harm in testing different offers to see what might work best for your buyers. 

5. Ask for Feedback Given that most people won’t leave feedback unless prompted, try adding a post script to each of your delivery templates asking buyers to leave a “thumbs up” if they found the Gig valuable. With that in place, nearly 80 percent of my customers have left a positive rating. The other 20 percent didn’t leave a “thumbs down” — they just neglected to enter a rating at all. 

6. Offer a GuaranteeI include a 100 percent money back guarantee on my Gigs. I’ve only had to implement it once so far, when a buyer was not happy with my work. After he gave me a “thumbs down,” I offered to cancel the order. When he accepted the cancellation, he was refunded and the negative rating disappeared. Be careful, however. Cancellation stats are publicly visible and can be a red flag both to buyers and sellers. 
List of high selling services which you can offer and make money:

If you have already tried Fiverr and didn’t make any money, here I will share some services; which if you offer with quality you will sure shot make money from Fiverr. I have been offering services from listed below and I made $800+ in a single month. You can also sell these gigs 

*. Logo Designing 

*. Landing page designing 

*. Sell EBooks 

*. Sell Tutorials 

*. Sell Software’s 

*. Sell Apps 

*. Sell Web Design 

*. Resell Fiverr Gigs 

*. Video Creation & Editing 

*. Banner creation 

*. Photoshop editing work 

Testimonial / Audio / Video gigs 

*. Advertising Gigs 

*. Social Media Gigs – get likes, followers etc. 
Success Mantras

Below are my Tips through which I made $800+ from Fiverr in a month, you need to follow them and you will make the same amount from selling your gigs on Fiverr. 

1. Fiverr support checks gigs and if the presentation of yourgig is good and its promising you get boost in visibility; hence put lot of focus on your gig presentation. 

2. Never suspend your Gig; it creates a negative impact as your listing gets delisted and when you again make it activeyou will have to start from start. if you are getting to many orders, use option called ‘On Vacation’ 

3. Check what others are providing and then find something unique which others are not providing; this will get you lot of sales. 

4. Showcase your quality work to people to attract more work; put best work related images in banners under your gig. 

5. Think how you can add extra gig, because this can give youlot of extra money from same client. Add additional value to it and give to client so that he can’t deny, also pitch your extra gig at the time of delivery. 

6. Always focus on quality; it youmaintain good quality you will get lots of orders. 

7. Keep your delivery time as shortest as possible, people like fast delivery; hence those who deliver fast get more orders. Also once you get yourorder, deliver it ASAP, this improves your fiverr score andgets you some good reviews from client. 

8. Most important, always offer great customer service and quick communication, don’t delay in acknowledging client’s reply. 

9. Respond to all feedback be it Positive or Negative; put your point. 

10. Promote your gig outside Fiverr also so that you can get some good orders from there also; you can use social media, blog posting for promoting it. 

11. Once you get order from one client a one gig, once you complete it, why not pitch him for your other related gig, I have used it and it works well; I get lot of orders using this technique. 

12. And here is the Best Trick – Collect couple of gigs, combine them and sell them. People love buying such gigs as they get so many gigs in one gig. 
How to promote your gig outside fiverr? Use below techniques.

1. Put Classified ads 

2. Buy Banner ads on Buy sell ads or any relevant forum banner. 

3. Use forum commenting and use signature 

4. You can also try running Google ads 

5.Run Facebook ads 

6.Run Stumble Upon (Paid Discovery) Ads 

7. Social media promotion 

8. Last but not the least SEO 
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