Top 3 Ranking Factors
Googles algorithm(s) are now so complex that they utilise a multitude of factors depending on the niche and target audience. So complex that time factors also play a big role along with user engagement (yes google can easily see how users engage with a website).

1. Content - Content is KING, high quality content is the #1 ranking factor when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.
Most Important Content Ranking Factors:
+ Site Speed
+ Position of URL in title
+ Length of URL
+ H2, H1
+ Description
+ Video Integration
+ Keyword in title
+ Keyword in description

2. ON Page SEO - the keyword used in Title, Description, H1, H2, bold, etc and site load speed plays an important role.
Most Important On Page SEO Ranking Factors:
+ Relevant terms
+ Proof terms
+ Number of internal links
+ Keywords in body
+ HTML Length
+ Word and sentence count
+ Keywords in internal links
+ Image count
+ Keyword in H2

3. Backlinks - the quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to your site is the 3rd ranking factor.
Most Important Link Ranking Factors:
+ Number of backlinks
+ Backlinks rel = nofollow
+ New Backlinks
+ Backlinks from news domains
+ Backlinks with keyword
+ Backlinks with anchor as domain.tld

My advice is concentrate on producing the best content for users, try and promote your site where you can without over doing it (i.e. spamming) and just be natural with it. You can no long fool the giant search engine.

As for social media, this will enable your content to get exposure and your ranking potential will be based on how people interact with your site not the number of likes, shares and links from social media. You can damage your site by getting tons of likes and shares for content, but with only 1% click through to your content (website) and stay on it then it dont look good.

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