Fronto has 500 thousand downloads and a 4.4 star rating on Google Play. The tagline read as follows

Is it Legit: Yes

Have I been paid: Yes
“Make money with your phone!”
Obviously, I was pretty into this idea… so I continued onward.
“Fronto lock screen lets you earn rewards just for using your phone normally. That’s it! With Fronto Lock Screen, you will discover interesting articles, deals, and promos on your lock screen.
App Link: Front Lock Screen
Use Referral Code:  The88beast (free 1250 points to give you a head start)
Opening Up Fronto For The First Time
When I first opened the Fronto App, I was greeted with three scrolling screens that said the following…
  1. Unlock Your Phone
  2. Earn Points
  3. Let’s Get Started
Here, we found the log in/sign up screen. I chose to sign in using Facebook, which was very simple… and was then taken to this screen, where I was told that I had earned 500 Points, just for checking in.
Fronto Daily Log In Rewards
Now, as I was trying to get out of this screen, my phone turned off. So I clicked the button to turn it back on, and I realized that there was like a screen-lock on it. It looked like this…
Fronto Screen Lock

I tried swiping every way I could think of, and could not figure out how to get my phone opened! I’m not sure if I just wasn’t thinking straight, or if I overlooked it or what, but as it turns out, you have to swipe the little globe on the bottom left over toward the lock on the bottom right to open it… but I had a heck of a time trying to figure this out, and almost panicked when I imagined that I might be locked out of my phone for good.
At any rate, I quickly realized that it was a pretty simple oversight on my part, easily remedied by using the unlock feature as it was intended.
But… I did notice that doing this would open my browser to whatever URL the advertisement on that screen was linking to before I could get to my desktop… and that was a bit of a pain. This didn’t eat up more than a few seconds, but I still found it highly annoying. I mean, this is obviously how Fronto makes its money, and it really isn’t that big of a deal, to be fair—but it’s still a bit of a nuisance.
The lock screen cycles through a range of links to articles, most of them pointing at pretty major news and content sources, like BuzzFeed, Mashable, TIME, and Taboola. They were interesting enough, I guess—but not really enough to hold my interest.
Anyway, after figuring all of this out, I got started.

Getting Started With Fronto

At this point, after unlocking the screen a few times to earn points, this is where I ended up.
I Had Already Earned Some Fronto PointsNow, as you can see, I had earned 600 points by now—and I hadn’t even been using the app for that long. I got a 500 point sign-up bonus, but the other 100 came from me swiping on the screen and doing some other little things. Actually, I started to notice a correlation between screen openings and the number of points I earned.
I found that almost every time I unlocked my screen, I would get like 20 to 30 points—which would give me about $0.01 in real-world currency inside the app. A penny for unlocking my screen? I was intrigued by that idea. I mean, I check my phone A LOT—so it seems like that could be a viable money maker.
But, on the other hand, the lock screen is a bit of a pain.
I needed to find out more about it, so I decided to do a little bit more looking around within the app.

Taking A Closer Look At Fronto

I opened up what seemed to have been the ‘Reward’ section of the site, and found out how many points it takes to add up to actual rewards. I found out that you basically need 3,250P to equal $1 in Amazon Gift Card Credit. Redeeming your rewards is pretty easy with Fronto, but you need to earn the points first—which is obviously the more difficult part.
I also began to realize that I didn’t necessarily get points every time I used the lock screen—which took away from my enthusiasm a bit. But, about the time I began to notice this, I earned another 30 points by unlocking the lock screen one more time—so the app was definitely giving me opportunities every-so many-swipes to earn points.
At this point, I thought it best to calculate how many points I figured that I could earn in a day, and figure out how long it would take me to earn a gift card worth spending.
I roughly threw the numbers together, and figured up that, using my phone with a normal frequency, I could probably earn, on average, about 300 points a day—give or take a few, depending on how many other ways I utilized to earn points.
At this rate, it would take me about 50 days, give or take, to earn a $5 Amazon gift card. That’s a little over a month and a half.
Normally, $5 doesn’t seem like much… but this app is a little bit different, and the way you actually earn points is a bit different as well.
At this point, I figured out that I knew enough to weigh in with my official opinion on Fronto.

Is Fronto Worth The Time?

Actually, my opinion of Fronto was better than my opinions about most other lock-screen type apps. Yes, I do feel that Fronto is worth the time—and here is why.
First of all, the screen lock is pretty easy to use. Yes, it is a bit of a pain to have to close a browser window every time you open your phone—but this takes less than 10 seconds, and in the grand scheme of things, doesn’t really seem like that big of a deal.
Also, the amount of points that you get with Fronto is actually pretty good for the amount of time that you’re spending on it. No annoying surveys, no trips to local stores, or anything like that. In fact, my assessment of the amount of points that I feel could be earned with Fronto (given above) was actually pretty conservative. I feel that most people would probably earn a lot more than I am estimating.
Heck… even I would probably earn more than that on most days!
Do I plan on leaving the app installed on my phone?
Actually, I do… for two main reasons.
First of all, it can earn me points that I can redeem for an Amazon Gift Card. And secondly, because it makes redeeming points really easy. The work that you need to do (unlock the screen, close the browser window) is really mindless work—which is good for me. My day to day work requires me to concentrate on things, create, and solve problems… and all of these things take brain-power (and trust me… my brain power is too limited as it is!).
So apps like this, that reward me for a minimal amount of mindless work, are pretty attractive to me. They give me the ability to earn some extra cash without really thinking about it—and for me, that’s invaluable.
I am required to do a lot of serious thinking throughout my work day as it is. The last thing I want to do is earn pennies on the dollar thinking seriously about some sort of app on my phone—and this app does not require any serious thought to use.
It also just seems to give you more points than most other screen lock apps that I’ve reviewed—which makes it even better.
So, with that being said, my official stance on Fronto is that I like it! Two thumbs up, and I seriously feel that I will be keeping this one installed!

Our Final Thoughts About The Fronto App

Should you download it and use it on your phone?
Why not?  After all it's a few bucks a month for doing nothing just unlocking your screen even if was two months you got nothing to lose but unlocking it alone won't make you money, the biggest factor that allows you to make money is your referrals you get 1250 points when you use someone's referral code while they get the same for sharing the code with you.  The more referrals you have the more money you make.
Honestly, if you had to calculate the time spent trying to make money with apps, it rarely works out to be more than a few dollars per hour. Most of the time, you'll only make a few dollars per month. Personally, I think my time is worth more than that!  However your not losing anything so why not just use it.


Is it Legit? Yes

Have I been paid through them: Yes

How can I earn?
To earn on swagbucks or SB you can answer a daily poll which gets you 1 point but my favourite is the videos you can just let them run on your pc or spare phone to earn you can rack up points in a few days you only need 300 to get a $3 Amazon gift card, you can also answer surveys however I am not very survey friendly tried many surveys but they don't pay me, not for me anyways but using the videos is enough for about 100 SB a day also use the search engine but getting points takes alot of searches in the end it's free money $2500 SB gets you $25 to paypal which is not bad for doing basically nothing its pretty passive money if you use videos alone and let it run.


I forgot to mention that you earn 10% of your referrals earnings so if they get 500 you get 50 which is not much but I think most of these programs rely on referrals so if you can build a huge network than you have 10% of their earnings for life so you can passively earn a nice sum of money,

Use this link for my referral and get a startup bonus, there is no code to enter just signup through the the link provided: BeastyBits

  • Earn 50 SB points when you Add the SwagButton to Your Web Browser! (find instructions under Quick Links on the Swagbucks sidebar.)
  • Shop through Swagbucks for things you already plan to purchase online!  Swagbucks will offer you SB Points for every dollar you spend.  SB Point “Cash Back” deals vary, so be sure to check Swagbucks before making your online purchases.  Depending on the size of your online purchase, you could score enough SB Points for a Free Gift Card.  For example, I just scored a deal on vitamins from Vitamin World, AND scored a $3 Amazon Gift Card by shopping through Swagbucks at the same time.
  • ‘Answer Surveys and Earn’ SB Points on Swagbucks!  {select ‘Answer’ located on the sidebar of the Swagbucks homepage} ~ I like to complete several surveys each week to rack up more Swagbucks!
  • Vote in the Daily Swagbucks Poll to score 1 extra SB point each day! (find the Daily Poll on the sidebar of the Swaybacks webpage)
  • Check out Swagbucks Offers for Free Offers that earn SB points {under the ‘Discover’ tab, click on ‘Free Offers’}
  • Use Swagbucks as your Default Search Engine – Earn SB points when you use Swagbucks instead of Google for your internet searches.  I even type in sites I already am planning on going to!  Find ‘Search’ on the page at the top, on the sidebar, and at the bottom of the website.  Select ‘Learn More’ to learn how to set Swagbucks as your default search engine.  The Swagbucks search engine is powered by Yahoo.
  • Check your Swagbucks Inbox Daily and look through messages for easy ways to earn. {located at the top of the homepage}
  • Check your ‘Daily Goal’ meter.  When you meet your goal, you’ll earn bonus SB points!  {located at the top of the homepage}
  • Invite your friends to join Swagbucks {when they search and win SB points, you’ll win, too!}
  • Earn SB Points when you use “Swagbucks Watch” and view sponsored videos.
  • Play Swagbucks Games!  Be sure to check out the ‘Swagbucks Games’ at the bottom of the list.

  • Earn SB Points with your Smartphone: Check out these tips for How to Earn Free Gift Cards from your Phone!
  • Follow Swagbucks on Twitter, and watch for periodic SB codes!
  • Like Swagbucks on Facebook, and watch for periodic SB codes!
  • Follow Swagbucks on Instagram for periodic SB codes!
  • Read the Swagbucks Blog, and watch for periodic SB codes and ways to score SB points! {find the blog at the bottom of under ‘Swagbucks’ ‘About Us’ ‘How It Works’}


Is it Legit? Yes
Did I get paid? |Sreveral times
One of your most trusted apps 
Cashpirate is an free App available on Android Google play store.
You get paid to download and test free apps, you also, answer survey, watch videos to earn even more money.
You will need 2500 points to reach the earnings threshold which is $ 2.50 (instant payment by paypal)
Cashpirate referral program
- Level 1: 10% of what your referraAs
- Level 2: 5% of earnings referrals of your referrals
BONUS: Put this code 'OVIEDH' at registration and earn 500 points to start.


This app gives you daily points and all it does it sit there on your phone, with a few surveys of where you were at certain times as bonus points, you can also refer your family and friends and automatically earn what they earn.

Is it legit: Yes

Did You get paid? Yes

How long did I have to wait to receive payment":  Well for me I waited 8 days to get my payment via gift card it took awhile but they also state to give them up to 2 weeks if your payments havn't been received.

Referral Link:  - please use my link to get a startup bonus and we all benefit

McMoney/MoneySMS - New Ways To Make Passive Income

Let it sit there on your phone, there is nothing to lose and watch the money coming grow. .


Length of Use

For MoneySMS the longer you use it the better your rates will get so you start at 0.02 Euro and the longer you leave it on your phone the more money you will make from the automatic SMS they send.

Refferal Codes

McMoney doesn't have a referral code for me to share but as soon as they do, I will be updating this section.
However, myy referral code for MoneySMS is 300757E17, get an instant 0.25 Euro Bonus for using it!

For only having both apps for 2 Days I earned a total of $0.80 (possibly a bit more)

MoneySMS pays 0.02 Euro per text and McMoney claims to pay $0.05 per text

MoneySMS and McMoney are different applications but do the same thing and running them both at once makes double the income. Basically you signup for these apps and forget about it, they automatically send you texts and you get paid for every single text, now the question remains... Are the texts spam? No. Are the texts questions you must answer? No. Are the texts ads? No. Can I delete the texts? Yes!
So what are the texts? Well, they're just a random string of characters with no meaning. So why do they want to send you these texts? According to McMoney they send these texts "in order to test the SMS reach of different telecom networks across the world.


Finally, let's get to the cashouts with MoneySMS the minimum is 2 Euro and you can cashout through(PayPal, WebMoney, OKPay, Skrill, Advcash, and Now Bitcoin)

McMoney is a minimum $5 cashout.
Both are PayPal and according to how often they send texts and they're rates you should be able to hit the minimum pretty quickly.

Update - 01/20/2018

I got paid from smsMoney so it is legit all you do keep it on your phone and they send you sms there is a slight increase in earnings the longer you have it not much but worth it for just sitting on your phone.


Is it Legit:  Yes
Have I been paid: Yes via paypal 
How long do I have to wait: For me I just did it the day before and received payment next day.

Streetbees is an app that pays you cash for doing small task. It guarantees you pay if you completed the tasks, this app is highly recommended. You can complete a task in-store without having any internet connection and all your data will be saved as you progress. However, you will not be able to submit your task while you are not connected to the internet. At the end of your task you will hit the “I’m done” button which saves your completed task. When you next connect to the internet, your task will automatically set then you're good to go! Big gains for doing small task!

How this App works:

1. Download the app and create an account to become one of our bees

2. We’ll notify you as soon as there’s a task near you, or you can search our current tasks to find one

3. Take the tasks you like and complete them before they expire

4. Get paid cash within 24hrs with secure payments to your PayPal.

Streetbees Available on Play Store and App Store 


Is it Legit:  Yes

Did you get Paid:  Definitely

How long do I need to wait to get payment:  From what I recall I think it's an instant payment so you should get it in a few

Refferal Code/Link?  There is no referral program with the app

Embee Meter CX is a safe meter that you just download and let it sit on your phone, you get $1 per 150 points, $5 per 500 points and $10 per 1000 points or 100 days because you only get 10 points daily.  However the application just sits there on the phone and you do absolutely nothing don't need to open it don't need to do a survey poll or anything like that, it's just free money.  While it's not much try combining apps together and your on your way to accumulating a good monthly income and their payment is through paypal so depending on your phone and location it could either be in dollars or pound.

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