Is it Legit?  Yes

Did I get paid? Several times

How long do I have to wait to get my payment?  Instantly you will wait a few minutes

Adfone is another lockscreen app that pays you, I don't see it talked about much but it has a twist to it everytime you swipe you earn 5 points and after you accumulated enough points you can redeem that for giftcards well for me I only have Amazon but they say you can have other leading brands at least in Canada I only have the Amazon option to redeem.

So basically it's 10,000 points for a $5 Amazon and I think 20, 000 is $10 Amazon gift card and so one but you get the point so spend like half an hour to an hour swiping in a day you collect 1000 points in 5 days you can cash out a $5 or you can save them and cashout a $20 Amazon at the end of the month but hey it's free all your doing is swiping you got nothing to lose set it up on a few phones and your free gifts for christmas or new years holidays is just around the corner.

That's it for now you have another app that makes money for doing nothing so why not use it with a combination of your apps that pay also comment what apps pay you

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