Firstly, you need to stop slacking and take notes, write things down it is very important that you write things down and take a habit to get used to it as we all forget and there is no way we can hold so much information in our minds without having a note to look back to.  While saving is recommended if you have a secure income and enough money to spend why not spend it to live life to its fullest but also know your limits when it comes to your finance as everyone is on a different level instead of going broke you should always have some money saved.

The health of a person’s wealth can be compared to his or her relationship to it. If you want to grow old with your money, practice healthy relationship approaches to your finances.
Journal everyday spending
Keep a record of what you’re spending money on. A coffee here, a scone there; it adds up to unnecessary surprises at the end of the month. You can’t be expected to remember every single little daily expense, so keep a record. 
Creating a healthy relationship with your finances is akin to having a healthy one with your loved ones. People who have a lot of money love their money. They foster its growth, stay connected to it, and nurture its continued longevity.
Minimize Debt
If you want to start a new, healthy relationship with your money, break up with bad habits – getting into debt being the worst.  Every dollar that you use to pay off your debt, you’re saving.  If it’s credit card debt, pay more than the minimum every month. If you get into the cycle of just paying off the minimum, it’ll impact your credit score and your retirement plans.
Have Reservations
You should have reservations — about losing a handle on your assets that is. How you spend your money and your long-term goals for that money are connected. The practice of visualization is helpful because the more you consider that your money is a tangible asset, the less you’ll see it as just bank statements, receipts, or numbers.
Keep An Eye on Your Personal Expenses First
This is not to say that married couples shouldn’t discuss finances together, of course they do and should. However, each person has to come to the table with a sound understanding of how to handle their own financial affairs before sharing it with each other.
Plan For Retirement
Last minute, unforeseeable expenses can occur. People lose jobs, things break down, and property can be affected by natural phenomena. Having a financial cushion for those potential disasters can mean the difference between getting by and getting into dire straits.
Figure out the amount you should have for retirement, it should be a long-term goal for everyone. Set an amount to put aside every month,  and stick to it no matter what. You’ll be thanking yourself for this.
Ask An Expert
Being wealthy doesn’t always translate to being money smart. However, staying connected to your money does. Get a trustworthy, highly recommended financial expert to fill in the gaps.  If you don’t know how to proceed, ask someone who has been handling money for years. It’s their job to make your money work for you. Ask for help if financial consulting isn’t your day job.

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