There are a number of opportunities to make money online, but the big question is how many of them really pay for your efforts? Sometimes what happens is that people become prey to unrealistic offers and end up losing their time and money. So, it is very important to check the legitimacy of the site before joining an online earning program. 

Earning $2000 within a short period of time is somewhat difficult, but not impossible. But you need to really work hard without losing any time. Given below are some opportunities where I have personal experience with and you can trust me, they do pay. As you need $2000 within a short while I took only the legit and highest paying sites for your benefit:

  • Humanatic – This is the most unique opportunity to earn money for the hard working people around. You can’t find another site like this. All you have to do is to listen audio calls and put them in right category. There is no limit on your earnings and there are people who earn up to $50 per day! Can you believe that! But you need to be careful on your accuracy as there is a penalty on wrong categorization. You may lose double the money you were about to earn from a particular audio file. In Humanatic there is also a section where you need to type summary of the conversation and they pay up to $0.16 for each summary.
  • Forum Umbrellas – This is another area you can try your luck to earn some quick bucks. The well-known players in this field are Postloop and Paidforumposting. Here you need to post some trial posts to get qualified in these sites. If you are approved as a writer you can find a number of forums where you can earn unlimited money through forum posting. You need to be careful about quality of posts as it is directly linked to your earning power. There is one more called Forum Wheel, but as it is in a beginning stage you can’t earn much from there now, but its future is bright.
  • Transcription jobs – If you are good at transcribing audio files there are plenty of opportunities for you. But it is not an easy job as you think. If you are from a native English speaking country I think you fit well in most of these sites. Some examples are Gettranscribed, accutranglobal, castingwords, transcribeme etc. They usually pay to the range of $1 per audio minute.
In fact Internet is flooded with a lot of other ways to earn money too like article writing sites, HYIP programs, survey sites, micro tasking sites etc. But I don’t think they can help you to earn a big amount like $2000 within a short period of time. But if you are an SME (Subject Matter Expert) in any particular field you can earn more than what you are aimed at. For example if you are a certified Medical Transcriptionist there are plenty of opportunities to earn handsome money sitting at the comfort of your home.

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